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Smoke Detector

We are a professional design and manufacturing company of fire and security alarm products, with years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality fire and security alarm products.

Our products cover smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectros, gas detectors, water detectors. In addtion, system detectors, wireless RF detectors and various accessoires are coming for mass production soon.


Many of our products have obtained CE, ROHS. We also have EN 14604 for some of them, with years of good business operation and services instructed by strict production management and quality control under ISO9001.

Our main market is Euorpe , South and North America, Asia, Austrialia and son on. We also offer OEM and ODM services for some famous electronic product companies and manufacturers from Europe.



100_1_A8 100_2_A8 115_1_A8
117_1_A8 125_1_A8 135_1_A8
143 212_1_A8 303
305 307 312_1_A8
312_2_A8 312_3_A8 312_4_A8
312_5_A8 507_1_A8 507_2_A8
507_3_A8 509_1_A8 509_2_A8
516_1_A8 516_2_A8 517_1_A8
517_2_A8 517_3_A8 517_4_A8
518-1_A8 518-2_A8 518-3_A8
518-4_A8 518-5_A8 518-6_A8
521SC_1_A8 521SC_2_A8 521SC_3_A8
525SC_1_A8 525SC_3_A8 525SC_4_A8
560H_1_A8 560H_2_A8 560H_3_A8
560SH_1_A8 560SH_2_A8 560SH_3_A8
629_1_A8 629_2_A8 629_3_A8
629_4_A8 818-8 912_1_A8
912_2_A8 912_3_A8 913-1_A8
913-2_A8 913-3_A8 913-4_A8
913_A8 916_1_A8 916_2_A8
916_3_A8 916_4_A8 918_1_A8
918_2_A8 918_4_A8 920_1_A8
control-panel_perp PW-629-2H Smoke-alarm-629-3


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